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How relevant is it to have an online community and knowing that community?

In today world there is allot of social media sources that can increase your business audience but knowing your community is also a very important factor to consider when doing business both online and direct face-to-face dialog.

Some companies started online but even so at one point that which is online must show some prof that it actually exist by either( a branch building, members of the group or representative from the business being present at any function or seminars to bring to business to the physical world), this will let the audience that have no idea that such business exist or did know but was not sure if it was legit, get a face-to-face conversation with a representative and also you will get a change to issue product, samples online showcase of what the business is all about.

Don’t forget to smile as you encounter new business prospect and have a suggestion box both in your firm, seminars or where so ever you choose, so customers that are shy but want to ask a question can write it down and submit it.

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