Your Why

This is important as it will help you identifies the reason why you are doing the ad as well as drive you forward as it relate to Goal and strategy

Advertising Goal

Your goal will guide you as you go forward

Types of Goals:

Awareness- This is for new or brands that want to increase their online,tv,radio,store or word of mouth presence.

PS. word of mouth is free but can cost as you can also get an influence who will act as a branding voice or public figure for you company to gain more awareness, this is called influencer marketing.

Online Traffic- for websites and also clicks and likes.

Downloads- for applications and software.

Lead Generation- Generating leads for marketing and sales.

Sales- Get persons to act on a product and purchase from you brand.

Visit- this will affect persons that are advertising for stores and Shop owners and are looking for prospective clients to walk in their doors.

Adverting plan

Your plan is vital for your success


if you dont have a plan you dont stand a chance as you will be using and using what you got and not knowing how to use what you got, now you can be saying you place God first, which is good but that will count as a plan.

Yes. Putting God first in your advertisng is a plan for God is a spirit and they that worship him must worship Him in spirit and in Truth, you must have a plan if your a true worshiper, for God always do things with a purpose.

Here are some examples of how to get a plan.


Pick some you see you can help.

Decide or ask them what they are doing.

Dont sell to them yet.

talk to them, build a relationship.

if they want your service/product as it will help them with what they are doing ;offer your product, if they dont or you can help them with something else , do it.


you might be asking:

why do all of this?

why not just advertise and if they dont like it , then ok

the important advertising is word of mouth and it can release the most Loyal customers that paid ads cant put.

Your Customers are not always right but they always want to be.

Dont lie, that will show you will do anything for money, which is not good.


Advertising Flow Chart

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