Social media tips:

  • Be professional.

  • Spelling and grammar (spellcheck)

  • Know your community

  • Don’t issue personal informational about matters not concerning business

  • Listen to your audience

Keep in mind these tips as you go about your publishing using any of the social medias available to you, also you can give your viewers the choice to views some of the product(s) or service that you offer by creating a Facebook page; that will allow you the ease of efficient advertising and monetize of your business.


Social networks


Benefits of Twitter for business There are a number of advantages that using twitter can bring to a business: Reach a wide audience: Twitter has a large user base, which could include your potential customers. Using hashtags can help you reach an audience interested in a particular topic or in a particular location.

Here are the top 10 business benefits of using Twitter: Increase brand awareness. Keep up with the latest trends in your industry. Promote your blog content, videos, presentations, etc. Boost your website SEO. Drive website traffic. Get instant feedback about your products and/or services.


Instagram has all sorts of purposes. This social media community is a hub for networkers, marketers, and creatives. However, before you attempt to find like-minded users, market your content, attempt to make money, or share photos and videos, you should know the advantages and disadvantages of Instagram.


Leveraging the Advantages Facebook is a phenomenal marketing platform, but only if you use it the right way. To make the most of this social network, we recommend:

Filling out your Facebook Business Page profile completely Posting on Facebook no more than twice daily, according to Buffer Prioritizing which comments to reply to, starting with questions and negative comments and then addressing positive ones and check-ins if you have time Creating an ad spending budget


Advantages of Facebook Marketing 1. The Facebook Business Page One of the biggest advantages Facebook has to offer as a marketing platform is the aforementioned Facebook Business Page. This introduces your business to the world of Facebook. Users can like, comment and share the content you post to your Business Page.

You can also sell your products on this page. (If you’re a services-based company you’ll have to sell elsewhere. Facebook currently does not support sales of services.) You have the option to redirect sales to your website at checkout or allow customers to checkout via Facebook.

2. Relationship-Building Your relationship with customers is everything. Social networking allows you to create and nurture those relationships. Customers can share their opinions, leave reviews and ask questions on your Facebook Business Page. By answering questions and addressing poor customer service experiences, you foster customer loyalty.

3. Targeted Advertising Do you have a specific demographic you want to target on Facebook? You can use the demographics data shared by Facebook users such as location, age and interests, to do so. This allows you to optimize your ad spending and reach your ideal customer.


Disadvantages of Facebook Marketing 1. Price of Ads Some smaller businesses have decried the cost of advertising on Facebook, as it can get quite costly. While mid-sized and larger businesses should have little issue paying for ads, small businesses may feel left due to budget limitations. Do your research to better plan your ad spend and optimize a small budget.

2. Time-Consuming Work While there are many automated services that can post your social media content for you, these programs can’t do everything. At the end of the day, you’re the one who has to respond to most of the customer questions and comments you receive.​


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