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Can I edit the files ?

All Cards can be done over if thhe customer/Client does not want that template

Is it Layered ?

You can choose a layout or ask for one to be choosed for you with no extra fee.

WIll i be Charge for a remade Card?

Once your card is done and sent to you it is subject to a fee of $5 USD in te case the customer/client want a remade Card. The fee will only be active after a request is made for remake.

What do I need to get for a Business card ?

You would need name or person,bussiness or establishment. Address , Telephone number , social media that yoi are enrolled with name (optional) name of goods or services offered and or anything else needed for you to be contacted using the card

How will i know that my card is ready ?

You will be contacted via email or any mode of contact thhat you have provided.

Is the font free ?

Design and printing will be included in the payment.

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